Someone is gonna love you

“Let me tell you this, someone is gonna love you so much that it will hurt. It’s gonna make them feel like their heart is a glass that is overflowing, and that they cannot contain all that they feel for you. They are gonna look up at the stars, and wonder why love couldn’t just be placed in space, because the endless expanse seems like a more fitting place to store the fire that burns within them for you. They are going to want to weep, because that is the love escaping from their bodies; it’ll be too much to hold in.
You know what? You will feel this way too, but eventually those feelings are going to start to dry up, and you won’t always feel that way, but that is what love is all about! You must be consistent to fill that up again, to see the person you love, and to pour into what they have spilled out. This is how you make it work, by being active, and keeping that fire alive. The stars shouldn’t be the only thing that dances at night, teach your heart to dance along with all those beautiful lights that expand across the universe, because there is beauty in love, and the whole galaxy should be able to join in on it.”
~ T.B. LaBerge // Things I’m still learning at 25

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