Respect your Intuition

Do you ever have a feeling about someone when you first meet them?  Have you had a “gut feeling” about a situation, but didn’t follow it only to land in a pile of shit?  I have, many times.  It has taken me most of my life to learn to trust my judgement and go with that feeling I have inside.  But way too many times I have been swayed by other opinions, rather than my own.  I ran across this statement today from my favorite blog Simply Luxurious Life and had to share.  Remember that everyone comes from their own perspective, from their own experience and knowledge.  Only you can know what you know…and feel, and you don’t have to explain that to anyone.  My Dr. K told me once, “this life is for you, it is up to you to find your happiness and joy”.  I agree.  Still though, it is easy to get drawn into the trap of other’s dominate opinions about what YOU should do.  Trust yourself. Learn to carefully weigh your knowledge.  Pay attention to your feelings, examine them and ask yourself “where is this feeling leading me?  Where is it coming from?  I think knowing our selves first is highly underrated!

respect your intuition at #saturdaysoul

“As we navigate through life, we will run up against frustrating moments from time to time. We will be put into situations that don’t make sense and so we will seek out advice from our family or friends. However, more often than not, our intuition, if we’ve honed it, knows how we should best proceed.

Only we can know how the conversation really went, only we can know the context of any given situation and only we know the truth of how we behaved – the tone of our voice, the facial expressions, etc, etc. While we can certainly share out with friends and family about the events, seeking advice from people who can only speak from their perspectives and views of how life should move forward will only give us insight into them. And aren’t we living our lives, not their’s? Food for thought if nothing else.”

Love & Peace!
sandy hibbard at #saturdaysoul

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