Full moon magic

I’m sitting out under the full moon tonight and it is big and bright and beautiful. The sky is dark Prussion blue and small white puffy clouds are lingering in the sky lending a magical feel to the good old girl. I’m always amazed with what the full moon does to me, and definitely a voyeur when it comes to her. I think about the ancients who looked at her and were mesmerized by her light and wondered about her mysteries. Today I am mystified at the fact that the same moon I am sitting under you also are sitting under….or will be. What is this power that sets the moon in motion and keeps it hanging there so tenderly – uniting every human being on this earth? You can always depend upon it. You can gauge days by it, months by it and years by it. Sometimes I wish the people, relationships, and circumstances in my life could be like the moon – always reliable, only changing as predicted. But they are not. So I look to the moon as a constant beauty that represents something much bigger than little old me and can always recharge and empower my spirit. I hope you will let it do the same for you.
Love and hugs,

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