Norman Mailer: The Paris Review – Love Stays, People Travel on

I was at an exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art this year and snapped a pic of part of an installation.  I love this brief section from Norman Mailer on love, women and marriage.  I think it is actually quite beautiful to ponder. After having a few relationships of my own, I find this very interesting and full of truths, kinda cool to hear from a man’s point of view.  Let me know what you think.  Love and Peace!

norman mailer on marriage at

The Paris Review

MAILER:  Every wife is a culture, and you enter deep into another culture, one that’s not your own, and you learn an awful lot from it.  And give  the fact that marriage is not always a comfortable institution, you chafe in that culture. For example, suppose you spend ten years of your life in France.  And you finally decide to leave.  You wouldn’t for the rest of your life say, I hate France. You’d say, France has an awful lot to offer.  I have my differences with it, but I’m happy I spent ten years in France. . . .

ARTIST REPLY: People are sent to us for the most amazing reasons…sometimes for just a second. Good…every relationship, every man has a beautiful meaning in your life…for no matter now short or long the love affair lasted…love stays…people travel on.



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