Beauty which Departs but Returns

One of my loves as an artist is in creating mini works of art from little things I have found and love.  What started as a hobby many years ago became a passion in collecting and creating.  Today, in my spare time, I create little jewelry treasures made from findings I pick up every where. They are one of a kind. They each express my love for life, travel, and all things beautiful and are many times inspired by a rainy day on the beach or a treasured poem or writing.  I am sharing one of those pieces today that was inspired by the poem below by Julie Sopetran – “Beauty which Departs but Returns”.  You can view the necklace in more detail at my jewelry site at  I hope you enjoy the poem and this piece of jewelry that represents the passing of beauty and the return of spirt.

Love & Hugs,

Necklace for Beauty departs but returns available at

Beauty which Departs but Returns

The small floating island travels through the canal.

– Open the door, mother! So that we can surprise

that wandering soul who has arrived at our offerings;

the mirrors of the waterways have blinded her…

but she can feel her way, alone, to our house.

Prepare the food. That death may see

that this love of life we offer as a gift

so that she may better understand what the mystery

has bequeathed.

– Yes, dear daughter. Our house, clean, welcomes our


Lights. Incense. Tamales. Chairs.

The bed is made with flowers which we bought.

The little floating house is beauty that traverses

by the unparalleled road of all the river banks

we get on and then… Will we return?

Poem by Spanish poet, Julie Sopetran

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