I’m on Fire!

i'm on fire  - new blog post at saturday soul

My mouth is a fire escape.
The words coming out
don’t care that they are naked.
There is something burning in there.
― Andrea GibsonThe Madness Vase

I love this quote from Andrea Gibson. Makes me think of so many times when words were burning inside of me but I was too afraid to say them, or not sure enough of myself to expose how I really felt with them.

It has become way too easy to shut our words down. Speaking up and speaking our mind has not always been easily accepted in our midwestern culture for women, and I am sure for some men as well.  We say we can speak our minds, we act as though it’s ok to have a strong opinion, but there is an unspoken attitude, a disdaining look, or blank stare that is received from others when a woman speaks up with a strong opinion, or offers ideas outside the accepted norm of religion and society.  Often times, being outright ignored and labeled “emotional female” or judged as being “led astray”, “under the wrong influence”.  Careful here…

Words are powerful.  They are creative.  They can bring life or they can rip the heart to shreds.  Our words come from our own perspective and force an invisible change not immediately seen. They can bring death and they can bring destruction.  Words are a perfect mixture of fabulous and fierce, passion and peace. Exposing truth and sparking conversation to reach both the intellect and the heart – teaching, exposing, burning, and building.

I encourage you today to put away fear.  Listen to your heart and let her speak.  Don’t be afraid, let the words out. If  you don’t speak up, who will speak for you?

Love & Peace,

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