Little Girl of Mine

my girl sarah

Life happens and sometimes it happens rough.  It’s like being out on the sea when a storm blows up and there is no where you can go or hide.  You simply have to batten down the hatches and ride out the storm.  Life is like that.  Many years ago I went through a terrible divorce that tore my family apart.  And like any divorce where children are involved, my beautiful babies suffered for the mistakes of their grownup parents.  My daughter was only 10 at the time and my son was a young 13 year old.  We were ripped apart.  The pain was nearly unbearable for all of us, but we made it through the storm.  We endured and grew closer together and more intimate than we ever could have imagined.  Sometimes those wounds surface though, and bring to each of us reminders of the pain, and that hurt can be as real as if it were happening now.  Life is like that too.  But year by year, moment by moment, just like you, we push through the pain and gain understanding, strength, and compassion for ourselves and others on a deeper level.  We learn to live this life in love and without judgement.

Today is my baby girls birthday.  I wanted to share a poem that was written many years ago for her as we were weathering the violent storm that struck our lives. May it remind her of her beauty and the love that has always surrounded her while she was growing into a beautiful young lady.  I celebrate her on this day, as the beautiful daughter she has always been, and the amazing woman she has become. She will always be my princess!

Love and hugs forever,
Sandy (momma)

Little Girl of Mine

Little girl of mine
rosy pink and soft
our little princess
you were always the boss

Funny little turned-up nose
lips unfolded like a rose
tender gentle heart
full of love and grace
strong and determined
while reaching out for mom’s embrace

I was always there
never left you for a minute
time and circumstance were cruel
but my love was with you in it

Beautiful young lady
tall and lean and graceful
never doubt your heart of love
it will teach you what you need to know

Soon you’ll find your own place
when mother’s not enough
you will grow to understand
and lean on thankfulness

Little lady of mine
a princess so refined
know this one important thing
and never give up on your dream
…you were born to sing!

© Sandy Hibbard

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