A few love poems for all you lovers


Here are a few love poems I have written while pining for love, recovering from a broken heart, or awakened by my muse in the midst of love’s good times – hopefully there will be something you can relate to!  Love and Peace and Happy Valentine’s Day! Sandy

Love doesn’t come unannounced
No, this time it comes with trumpets sounding in the heart
Heralding the entrance of royalty
I want to run into the arms of my lover – he will hold me
Enraptured by his kisses he speaks soft
Burning me with a passion long forgotten

One gazes on me while another looks away
Where’s your desire?
What do you say?
And you, why do you say so much?
Are you for real?
I think you should shut-up
My head hurts and I feel dizzy –
One Don Juan and one dumb lizzy!


I didn’t want to let go – still really don’t – but how long
Do we play with hearts before they turn to blood?
Just to hear your voice makes me cry
To think of how i would have died
To hear you say you needed –
Wanted –
Cherished –
My love
What could be so hard for your girl?

I will miss you.


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