love irrelevancy

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Oh dear
you talk about love
but do you even know the meaning?
Do you know what it is to connect so totally to someone else
that you become irrelevant?

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  1. Sandy –

    A heartfelt “Thank You” for sharing your Saturday Soul with me! I read several postings before I went grocery shopping today and when I got back felt compelled to send You this Sunday blessing:

    I was at Tom Thumb this evening (shopping the outside aisles, of course, except for rice, spice and taco shells – and, oh yeah – a mop). One of my happiest places on earth is the grocery store (pretty much any grocery store).

    I was close to finished with the shopping list when I came to Dairy and started picking through packages of butter trying to find the one with the furthest out expiration date when I thought: “Wouldn’t it be great if we could shop for love like this!?” then: “What if we can but we don’t look hard enough or aren’t capable of looking close enough?“ and then: “What if we can’t see our own love’s expiration date but if we really look we can see others’?”

    My greatest wish for You is that You find The Love that says “Never”


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