A Lover’s Musings


dreaming on love

Ahh, the terrible push and pull of hearts in love.  I could tell you stories if you were here and we had a bottle of Pino to share, but instead I will share my words that will give a hint of the fickleness love can sometimes have.  From drama and despair to elated bliss, love can give you one hell of a work out!  Here’s to all you lover’s out there!

A Lover’s Musings –

If losing sleep and losing dreams really make you sick,
then I am TERMINAL

If losing loved ones and being hated by the ones you love make you hard,
then I am STONE

If loss of mind and weakened spirit make you mad,
then I am but a LUNATIC

If a lying tongue and deceitful heart send you to hell,
then I am lost in the FLAMES

If a cold heart and an empty stare means you are dead,
then I am a CORPSE in-deed!

But in my sickness you healed me
and kissed away my tears
and in my darkness your light came
to save my life from despair

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