Painted Love

A couple of haikus to celebrate the simple beauty of today and the love you are able to feel in your heart.  XOXO Sandy   Starlight paints her eyes Ribbons of gold in her hair Love is everywhere * * * * *  Starlight paints your eyes Lips like roses tastes like wine Love is... Continue Reading →

A Love Song

Every year as the ground slowly awakens to Spring, the birds emerge with their songs boasting their comeliness, inviting their potential mate with a whistle, and defending their realm with a rant .  Here is an ode to these little creatures and the songs they sing to each other... XOXO Sandy   A Love Song Following the... Continue Reading →

Eternal Spring

Eternal Spring Sunshine to capture the warmth of Spring The harmony of birds that sing Love that fills the soul  . . . The heart’s reawakening

Let the Sunshine In – Get Inspiration from Spring!

Tulips for Spring at Saturdaysoul.comJust a little reminder while its still spring! Happy Saturday everyone! Love and peace…Sandy

Saturday Soul


Let the Sunshine In – Get Inspiration from Spring!

This is a celebration time, I mean literally, it’s Spring!  Following the heralding of Spring comes Passover and many other opportunities to celebrate newness of life, hope, prosperity, teach us about forgiveness and rebirth, and exalt the glories of love.  This brings me to what I am thinking about and embracing today:  a new awareness of my being, a fresh approach to working and giving myself to my talents, embracing forgiveness and hope, love and faith.  These are the facets of our existence that I believe are the core of our humanity and that bind us all together and bring beauty into our lives.

I wish for each of you a blessing of inner awareness and insight into the amazing human being that you are;  the gift of hope and being able to see through your circumstances to grasp the journey that…

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