Lavender Bed

Lavender Bed   “I woke up smelling your hair this morning My fingers were tangled In your long tussled locks The scent of Lavender And heat of your remembered breath Consume my senses Can we do it again?”     © Sandy Hibbard

Brooklyn Love

...and there she was, Brooklyn Love just strolling down the street, happy and full of joy and carrying a train of pride behind her. You cannot keep love down. ~ Sandy Hibbard

Tickles and Kisses

Tickles and Kisses Park your heart on my bed settle in take a swim in my blue eyes gazing down on you diving into you Smooth sheets under my skin don’t tickle me like your belly does like your laughter does Cover me up with that white shirt mingled with your sweat sweet scent Lace... Continue Reading →

What are you waiting for?

One small shift - reading more, gossiping less, taking up dancing - can start a revolution and lead to a new profession, relationship, or mind-set. What are you waiting for?

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