I Didn’t Fall in Love. I Rose in It.

I wanted to share this article that was shared out by Facebook.com/deehillphotography and written by Orsolya Hajnali so beautifully that it made me cry.  Love is a dance, a connection between two beings that desire to be in the journey together, to grow, experience, and to explore together this present moment and all the moments... Continue Reading →

Love in the Works

Love in the Works You are Enchanting Intriguing Interesting Wonderful We are Entrancing Entangling  ourselves Intertwined Inseparable Empowered You are Beautiful I am Embracing You Imagining Us

Love, Lace, and Fragile Things

Love, Lace, and Fragile Things Bare my back to the wind black, chilly cold and haunting tears taunting not good enough to keep not long enough to sleep keep me in your glance taken in the chance of loving you fragile lace in your embrace our future pace questioned ribbons tied to keep me down... Continue Reading →

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