A New Measure of Success

A New Measure of Success Poetry by Jennifer Monet' at Almost An Open Book Photography by Lisa Kristine  Must we quantify success? Fine. I get it. We’re a society in love with numbers. I don’t hate math. But if we must keep some sort of count, To wrap our human minds around value, Let us not do it... Continue Reading →

The Art of Smoke and Mirrors

The Art of Smoke and Mirrors I am reminded of a trip I took a few years ago to see my big sis who was living in Nashville at the time.  We started the day walking through the village, getting a cup of java and sitting outside to watch the people pass in a misty,... Continue Reading →

Live Authentic

Live Authentic Here is an inspiring story, inspired by Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine, that I wanted to share.  How many times have we found ourselves living a lie?  Just a little lie?  Sometimes it is harder to be real and be who we are than it is to be who we think he {she-they-them} want... Continue Reading →

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